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Are you brilliant enough to join our gleaming array of sponsors on the night? We have some of the giants, the innovators and the best thinkers in the industry standing behind the awards. This is a once of a lifetime opportunity to be become a sponsor of the industry’s hottest night.

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Our sponsorship packages give you incredible exposure to an estimated 12.5 million people across traditional media, email and social media. Just choose the right package for you and secure your brand’s place in the spotlight!

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As a sponsor, your name and logo will reach millions of investors, experts, ICOs and crypto enthusiasts. Our network of traditional media means your name could be heard on national radio channels and print media in Europe and beyond (Irish Tech News – 1million unique visitors, Irish Central – 5 million unique visitors and – a newly launched in-depth publication dedicated to exploring the mindset and inspiration behind the movers and shakers in this industry. You’ll also get extended reach into financial and technology media, such as the Financial Times, Bloomberg and the Guardian, to showcase your support in the first ever international crypto awards.

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With a combined database of ICOs, investors, traders and the crypto curios, your logo will be seen by an estimated 5 million+ people from all over the world, multiple times. With each email update we send out, make sure your logo gets in front of the right people, every time!

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Our social media coverage of the nominations, votes and the eventual winners of each of the 20 categories in this year’s ICON Awards will give your brand exposure on social networks including LinkedIn, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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Your sponsorship will reach a minimum of 12.5 million people worldwide,
(even before tier-one advertising):


North America 25%, Latin America 15%, Europe 35%, Asia 25%

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